The secret of reciprocation and obligation

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A couple of years ago a university professor tried an experiment. He sent a number of Christmas cards to people he’d never met before all complete strangers. Although he expected some response the volume of responses he received was amazing! Cards came pouring back from people he never knew without question. This small but fun experiment shows the power of …

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Gratitude, the key to happiness this Christmas?

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 What is gratitude?  Gratitude is many things to many people. It’s wonder, appreciation, looking on the bright side, thanking someone in your life. It’s not taking things for granted, savouring the moment and being present. For me, it can be something as simple as sending a thank you note or as awe-inspiring as standing atop a cliff and marvelling at the wonder …

How to grow your business with effective market research!

Paul Webster Advice, People

Conducting great market research is essential in moving your business forward and understanding your customers. But trying to research your whole customer base can be time consuming and expensive. That’s where sampling comes in. Sampling chooses a smaller, representative group of respondents instead of trying to research your whole population. This saves you time and money and can give you …

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The power of a story: Money see monkey do

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Our world of stories We live in a world where stories thrive. Think about the last conversation you had with family or friends. No doubt you told them a story. You don’t just regurgitate facts instead you wrapped those facts up in a story of your creation, to make them more interesting, to make them more human. We all love …

How much longer will your sales last?

Paul Webster Advice

Products don’t last forever. What was once your top dog in sales can change over time and begin to drag your business down. But how can you tell when it’s best to dump unwanted offerings, and what products should you invest in now to give you the biggest return in the future? The Product Life Cycle is a fantastically simple …

Have a reason words have power

Always have a reason BECAUSE I said so. 

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What’s the magic word? Robert Cialdini author of Psychology of Persuasion suggests that all it takes to become more persuasive is one word. By using this one word, you can implement it in all areas of your life where you need to be persuasive: marking, self-esteem, management, parenting. My parents have often tried this out on my younger brother and, even to …

How to Manage Organisational Change

Paul Webster Advice, People

Organisational change can be a complex subject. Sometimes change needs to happen to move your business forward. But how can this be done? Fortunately, there’s an answer. Lewin’s Change Model shows how change can be best managed in your business, and allows you to investigate the balances of power in an issue, the key stakeholders, and how to influence key …

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Get ready to learn! 10 pages a day is all it takes

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We’ve talked about the slight edge principle before (check out our slight edge blog first if you haven’t read it). The great thing about the slight edge principle is it can be applied to so many areas of your life. In this case learning! You’re never too old to stop learning and it really doesn’t have to be hard.    Why do …

Is your Marketing Strategy right for you?

Paul Webster Advice

Knowing how to market your products can make the difference between a good and a great business. But how do you know which path is the right one for you? Luckily, there’s an answer. Ansoff’s Matrix is a great tool for any business that wants to know how it can best market its products or services. It identifies 4 main …