How We Started

Prompt PC started business in 1997 when Andrew Eardley took a hard look at where he was going in the ceramics industry, as his career path was quickly disappearing due to the demise of so many ceramics companies. At the time, Andrew was Works Manager, responsible for all aspects of production for a small technical ceramics company employing over 40 people. He had implemented ISO 9002 and fully understood that IT played a vital role in how successful a business can run.

Having struggled to find an IT provider that understood business and its needs to be cost effective, but fully functional, he developed the skills to provide them himself. Seeing a unique insight into the practical aspects of IT, Andrew decided to form Prompt PC Ltd and since has grown to be one of the largest and longest standing IT support companies in North Staffordshire. Employing all their own staff, this is a family run business with Jean (Andrew’s wife) in charge of all financial systems. Prompt PC strives to nurture you as the customer, as well as its own staff, creating an efficient yet relaxed work environment. Whenever you need assistance, we aspire to give you the best support possible.

  • Andrew Eardley - Managing Director

    Andrew Eardley

    Managing Director

    Andrew is the captain of our ship, he creates the vision for our business journey and ensures the ship is running efficiently. Andrew’s drive for business development and success means he’s who you’ll be talking to when it comes to achieving your vision. Even when he was young Andrew wanted to be successful, he’s lived his life seizing the moment and never looked back thinking “I wish” or “If only”. The result – he’s achieved his childhood dream. Beyond being a business fanatic Andrew enjoys gardening, long walks through the countryside and much to his wife’s annoyance photography, taking up far too much time capturing brilliant shots on long walks.

  • Jean Eardley - Financial Director

    Jean Eardley

    Financial Director

    Jean ensures our ship is always shipshape. Under her keen eye, everything runs smoothly and without hiccups. We also rest easy knowing she covers all things financial. Jean’s keen interest in self-improvement and development pushes the ship’s crew to achieve more. She keeps the team happy, and on their toes, making sure they give you the best customer journey. When she’s not researching business and self-development Jean also enjoys long walks in the country, creating soft furnishings and most importantly spending time with family. Having been a teacher and mother Jean is quickly crossing off her life’s ambitions with only being a palaeontologist left!


  • Jon Elson - Helpdesk Engineer

    Jon Elson

    Helpdesk Engineer

    Jon is one of our two fantastic Helpdesk Engineers answering your calls and resolving your issues. He’ll often be the only person you need to talk to because his extensive and deep knowledge of all things Office 365 and computer related has you covered. Jon’s passion isn’t only delivering great customer service, he also loves a good story (who doesn’t). Having grown up wanting to be an author he’s developed a taste for all the best books, films and movies. Some of his favourites include Ancient Greek history and mythology.

  • Simon Cotton - Field Engineer

    Simon Cotton

    Field Engineer

    Simon is our trusted Field Engineer spending his days out and about in Staffordshire on site with customers fixing their issues. He is key to implementing and rolling out some of our core solutions including new servers, desktops and Office 365. Whilst Simon now takes our van out for a spin when he comes to visit you, his childhood dream was to become a rally driver! Driving our van might not quite be the same but his fantastic engineering knowledge and skill keeps his passion alive whilst he tinkers with cars in his spare time.

  • Glenn Evans - Project Engineer

    Glenn Evans

    Project Engineer

    Microsoft Certified Professional. Following a 20 year highly successful teaching career in secondary school Maths, Glenn’s extremely logical mind is invaluable in solving problems that go beyond the everyday remit. He will labour quietly in the background to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

  • Matthew Stanyer - Communications Engineer

    Matthew Stanyer

    Technical Sales Manager

    Matt has recently transferred from engineering to the sales team and has taken to it like a fish in water, with a cool, calm and intelligent approach. Matt is our head of sales and accounts manager and will often be your first contact with us at PromptPC. Whilst Matt actively tracks down leads for us he’s also very active outside the Office. Having achieved his childhood dream of becoming a soldier, undertaking two active military tours, Matt joined us and now spends his spare time training and taking part in triathlons.

  • Callum Bloore - Apprentice Engineer

    Callum Bloore

    Helpdesk Engineer

    Callum is one of our two fantastic Helpdesk Engineers. You’ll often find him on the other end of your call when you need a hand being one of our two fantastic Helpdesk Engineers. Callum will go out of his way to ensure your problem is solved in the best way possible whether that be remotely or in the workshop. IT problems aren’t the only thing float Callum’s boat, the dream of being a Formula 1 Driver has spurred on a love of many other sports. If you want a break from the IT talk and need a chat about sport, even College Football or the NFL, Callum is your guy!

Marketing and Admin/Accounts

  • Connie Floyd - Accounts and Administration

    Connie Floyd

    Accounts and Administration

    Top grade A-Levels. Connie works full-time at Aston Martin and then uses her excellent administrative skills to help us with invoicing and contract renewals. She does a fantastic job in making sure we are kept on our toes in keeping customers updated with their important information too.

Microsoft Gold Partner
Microsoft Sales Specialist - Desktop SMB
Microsoft Sales Specialist - Office 365
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