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Are your passwords on the Dark Web?

Tasha Horton Cybersecurity

The Dark Web

The Dark Web is the corrupt underbelly of the Web, it’s the seedy, murky side you wouldn’t ever visit. You need specialist software to even access it and you wouldn’t want to go there. Its where illegal proceedings occur, and cybercriminals hang out. As a respected business owner you wouldn’t go there so are probably wondering why we’re talking about it.

If you don’t visit the Dark Web, why should it be a problem?

Unfortunately, just because you’ve never been on the Dark Web doesn’t mean that it’s not a problem for you. Cybercriminals are actively stealing key business passwords and putting them up for sale on the Dark Web. To make it worse you probably won’t even know your password has been compromised.

We’re not telling you this to scare you, although it is obviously not a nice prospect, but to protect you. To keep your business safe, you need to know what you’re up against and what you need to protect yourself from. If you know the risk that your business is at you can combat it head on. Turning a blind eye is not going to keep your safe, like in the real physical world.

Not just scaremongering

We’re not just trying to scare you into buying new security measures. This is a real-life problem and we have a real-life story to share. At a business group we meet with monthly we shared this story about the Dark Web with around 10 other small business owners.

They all felt very uneasy and uncomfortable about the idea that their data could be out there on the Dark Web being bought and sold. We then told them that we could run a search and tell them whether or not any of their passwords had ever been compromised and put on the Dark Web.

At the end of the session a line formed with every single business owner wanting to know whether they’d been breached. Of the 10 who lined up to speak to us, 8 had passwords on the Dark Web and they didn’t know about it!

This isn’t just some silly story, we will freely admit that we ran this check on ourselves and found that some of our passwords had been compromised. An IT support company who have cutting-edge security had their passwords stolen and for sale on the Dark Web. We can show you the report.

We instantly addressed the breaches, changing all our passwords and implementing multi-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security. Having that information allowed us to address security issue we were never even aware of.

We’ll police it for you

Now before you start freaking out. Take a deep breath and realise that receiving this information is the best thing that has happened to your business today. Now that you know the problem you can face it and begin to take action.

This is where we come in. We can police the Dark Web for you, so you don’t have to go there. If some cybercriminal has stolen your passwords and put them on the Dark Web we will find them and tell you.

Using specialist tools that comb every inch of the Dark Web we can actively monitor it for your details. We can give you real-time updates on if/when any of your data is found so you can take action right NOW. The moment you know about a breach you can put measures in place to ensure it never causes you any problems.

When you have this information you are in control. Without it, you remain in the dark.

Want to know now?

Do you want to know if you’ve been compromised right now so you can take action? If so pick up the phone and call us. We can run a scan on the Dark Web to tell you if you’re compromised. With this information, you can take the steps you need to protect your business. Actively monitoring the Dark Web, changing passwords and implementing the best security procedures for you.

Make sure you’re in control. Tackle the Dark Web head on.