What are the benefits of you moving your business to a Microsoft Azure server?

Just like with Office 365, one of the great advantages of using Microsoft Azure is that your business will no longer require a server. Everything that would usually need to be stored on an in-house server will now be stored and securely encrypted in the cloud, this means you’ll no longer need to waste money on running and maintaining your own.
With no need for a physical server, you’ll also save on energy, backup, support and license costs which will greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary funds you’d have to fork out if you weren’t using Azure’s secure cloud storage.
Security is often the biggest concern for companies who are considering moving to the cloud. Azure was designed with security in mind; your data is stored in multiple specialised data centres in the UK using an extremely high level of military grade encryption, that would take millions of years to break, if ever. You’ll be of sound mind knowing that your data isn’t going to be hacked in to. Whereas, if anyone can sit in front of your physical, on premise server, they can access all your data within as little as 15 minutes.

Are you as safe as you think you are?

As opposed to a physical server, Azure allows you to purchase only the space and services that you need at the relevant growth stage of your business. You never waste money paying for something that you don’t need. For example, you run a seasonal business. Simply increase the processing speed, memory and hard disk space for 3 months whilst you are busy, then reduce it again to normal levels. This only takes minutes to do and you only pay for what you use.
If you use any version of Windows, Azure should come naturally to you. If you can create something for Windows, you can do the same for Azure.
It doesn’t matter if you lose all your IT equipment to a fire/theft, etc., your Azure server isn’t going anywhere. Your server will still be safe and secure in the cloud and you can carry on working whilst your office is being sorted. This means that you never really lose any time. We can setup your server to be backed up whenever you want, even as frequently as every 2 minutes if desired.
Azure works off a pay-as-you-go model, reducing the upfront costs to businesses as you only pay for the setup fee, your services, up-time and data transfers. We will even waive the setup cost, ask for more details.
With Azure, you can store any type of data in a reliable and fast environment due to the large array of state of the art Microsoft data storage centres, as well as allowing you to easily upload and download your files at any time.
When we setup your Azure server, we back up whole images of your virtual machine to Azure’s storage service – meaning your system can be up and running again in as little as an hour if anything goes wrong.
We can move your server to the Azure platform with no upfront costs, just ask for details.


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What does it mean to me and my business?

In IT, your applications need to run off a server. This may well be your own PC or alternatively an in-house, dedicated server. However, a business may not be able to afford to pay for a dedicated server as they carry a variety of expenses including: hardware setup, maintenance, support, energy bills and software licenses.

This is where Microsoft Azure comes in. Azure is a cloud platform which essentially offers this as a service. Massively cutting down costs, as well as improving reliability, storage capabilities and even security. Effectively, you are renting a server from Microsoft that is accessed via the Internet, giving you access from anywhere at any time due to your files and applications being stored in one of Microsoft’s many secure datacentres around the UK. By doing this, you are preventing the hassle of up-keeping of your own server and investing into Microsoft’s much more reliable and cost-effective solution for your company. Azure even allows you to expand your set of rented services alongside the growth of your business, granting you the freedom that you need.

What’s more you only pay for as much as you use.


Do you support Charities with IT?


Whatever your charity needs in terms of IT, we are able to provide.

Prompt PC are extremely proud to work with and support multiple charities and non-profit organisations and have been doing so since our first days back in 1998.

We also work alongside associations which provide the latest funding opportunities for your charity. As a result of this, you can benefit from a totally free IT infrastructure and implementation. It doesn't matter what size you are: from one user upwards - we cater for all.

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