World cup pitch

What can we learn from the success of the England World Cup team?

Tasha Horton People

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard about the England football teams success at the World Cup. Although they sadly didn’t bring football home they made a heroic effort, not only winning a penalty shootout but against all odds giving England fans hope and pride in their home team again. So after years of pretty dismal football …

How to save money by making the move to green

Paul Webster Advice

Environmental protection is now one of the biggest issues on the planet. What was once a concern for activists and non-government organisations is now something that every business needs to address. But being more environmentally friendly isn’t just a PR stunt. It can put your business on the path to true sustainability, meaning that you can protect your business for …

Getting to grips with some more business jargon

Paul Webster Advice, People

Business jargon is everywhere these days (so much so that we’ve already written a blog on the subject). Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap your head around what it all means. Well we’ve got you covered. Here are some more examples of business jargon that are taking the corporate world by storm: Armchair general An armchair general is someone …

Business man playing hard avoiding work

To work hard, you have to play hard!

Tasha Horton Advice

We’re all familiar with the phrase “work hard, play hard” its become a bit of a cliché, a joke, something you’d say casually, but not something we ever actually put a lot of serious thought to. But behind that one silly phrase sits a lot of truth. Our new workplace culture The instantaneous and all-encompassing nature of our workplace has …

How tech is changing sport forever

Paul Webster Hardware, Software

The summer is finally here, and that means there’s a whole new season of sport to look forward to! But from the World Cup to Wimbledon, technology is being used in surprising new ways that could change the sporting world forever. So here are 3 examples where the worlds of tech and sport have collided: VAR in the World Cup …

public speaking in hall

Fake it till you make it. Public speaking

Tasha Horton Advice

Public speaking can be an anxiety-inducing or never-wracking experience for anyone, experienced or not. Public speaking can make the best of us fall apart myself included. I don’t know about you but being asked to speak in front of people fills my stomach with butterflies and brings on the inevitable dread that makes my brain start to whir. It’s when …

Who’s going to be the next big player in the world economy?

Paul Webster Advice

The world economy is changing at an unprecedented rate. New technologies and globalisation mean that developing countries are becoming serious economic contenders. But which countries could become the major economies of the future? There are a whole host of different economic groups that could provide the answer. Let’s take a look at them: The BRICS The most well known group …

Get to grips with business jargon

Paul Webster Advice, People

Business jargon is all the rage these days. It seems like everyday there’s some new buzzwords to get to grips with. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on some of the latest business buzzwords floating about the boardroom. And if you really want to stay ahead of things, have a look at our blogs covering all sorts of …

Where to go for small business support

Paul Webster Advice, People

It can be a tricky world out there for small businesses. Often it can feel as though you have to go it alone. But help is out there. These fantastic organisations go out of their way to make sure that small businesses like yours reach their full potential. So, without further ado, here are 5 great places to go to …

Perseverance - A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

Perseverance is your key to success.

Tasha Horton People

Perseverance, resilience, determination, tenacity, whatever you call it perseverance is something we’re all familiar with. Just these last few weeks I’ve had to employ perseverance more than I’d have liked. If you’ve ever gone through the process of trying to rent a house you’ll know what I’m talking about. The endless emails, phone calls, visits, paperwork, checks and balances, it …

GDPR is here. Now what?

Paul Webster Advice

Over the last few weeks, there’s been a lot of talk about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As of 25th May, the new law came into force. But what exactly does it mean? And what does a post-GDPR world look like? This blog will take you through what you can expect now the new legislation is in place. GDPR …

Flowing water

Finding Flow. You’re not at your happiest when it’s easy. 

Tasha Horton People

What is Flow?   The notion of Flow was proposed by Csikszentmihalyi. It’s a state of total immersion or “being in the zone”.  You lose all sense of space and time and become totally absorbed in what you’re doing. I’m sure you can think of a time when you’ve been doing a task and eventually you snap out of it and can’t believe you were …

Why Blockchain could be as big a deal as the internet

Paul Webster Software

In tech circles, there’s been a lot of buzz recently about a new emerging development. It’s called blockchain, and some analysts believe it could be a gamechanger as big as the internet. But what exactly is blockchain, and why does it matter? This blog will give you a quick tour of what you need to know about this promising new …

Stress caused by technology

Stress: are we coping in the workplace?

Tasha Horton People

This week is mental health awareness week (14th-20th May) and it’s time to start looking at the big questions. The statistics around mental health have become impossible to ignore. 1 in 6.8 people suffering from a mental health problem in the workplace and 1 in 6 people worldwide. Mental health conditions are estimated to account for 12.7% of sick days. In …

Decoding even more tech talk

Paul Webster Advice, Software

There’s no shortage of technical jargon floating around these days. In fact, there’s so much tech talk out there that we’ve already made two blogs dedicated to the subject (you can find them here and here). But there’s still so much confusing jargon out there to uncover. So, without further ado, here are some more tech talk phrases, demystified: The …

Productivity ninja

How to become a productivity ninja 

Tasha Horton Advice

Productivity and I have an on again off again relationship. I’m sure the same is true for many of you too. Some days I can fly through five hours of work in three and others I struggle with what should have been a 30 minute task for an hour or longer or on the worst days I feel zero motivation to do …