A Research Report: The First Step you should take BEFORE writing a Business Plan

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Writing a business plan is a great way to show investors that you’ve thought carefully about your idea. But whilst thousands upon thousands of new business plans are made every year, only a tiny fraction succeed. A major problem is that few plans do the necessary research to understand how their product fits into the market. This is such a …

Do you really know the facts on ransomware?

Paul Webster Advice, Software

There’s no avoiding it. Ransomware is now a huge problem in the business world. But few people realise just how big of a problem it really is. Below are some shocking facts behind ransomware that are a stark reminder of how important it is to protect your business. The following information is taken from a massive survey of nearly 1,200 …

Active group of people jumping

Get up, get out, and get active

Tasha Horton Advice, People

Technological revolution  In the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed a staggering surge in technological developments. Most of us carry smartphones wherever we go. We own fantastically fast laptops and desktops, which provide accessibility wherever we go. Whilst there is no doubt these are fantastic developments, these developments hold their own risks.    For many of us, our jobs involve sitting all day, every …

International Women's Days - women in business

International women’s day. Women in business.

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Today is International Women’s Day. People all around the world come together to celebrate incredible women, strong and inspirational women can be found in every era of history. So, we’re going to celebrate some of the inspirational and pioneering women in business!   Katharine Graham   The first women CEO of a Fortune 500 company. CEO of the Washington Post company in …

Decoding more Tech Talk

Paul Webster Advice, Software

Technical talk is always evolving. As soon as you think you’ve caught up with it, it starts changing again! Well, we’ve got your back. Here are some of the latest tech talk terms that are confusing the minds of many. And if you really want to know your stuff, why not check out our first blog on decoding tech talk? …

Be More like a plant, keep growing

Be more. Don’t sit in a rut.

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One of my universities favourite phrases is “Be More”. They have a series of events at the end of the year that all start with Be More. Be More inspired, Be More professional and even Be More duck – don’t even ask what that is. But the point of this “Be More” mantra is that you don’t ever have to settle …

3 Times that Marketing Got it Wrong

Paul Webster Advice

Marketing isn’t easy. Whether you’re a small business or a major multinational company, sometimes things can go badly wrong. Here are 3 marketing failures that show marketing at its worst. LifeLock LifeLock is an American identity theft protection company that once got its marketing very wrong indeed. Back in 2006, the company decided to run a bold campaign on the …

3 Times that Marketing Got it Right

Paul Webster Advice

Marketing is the voice of your business. Done right, it can create a real bond between you and your customers and can truly set you apart from your competition. Below are 3 examples of great marketing that really stood out from the crowd: KFC’s apology In February 2018 KFC got into a bit of bother when they couldn’t supply chicken …

Creativity - colourful scrunched up paper and light bulb

How to boost creativity 

Tasha Horton Advice, People

We all know the feeling of frustration when we’re desperately trying to think of a solution to a problem or come up with the next blog topic. In these situations, we all wish we were a bit more creative so that the answer could just pop out at us. Turns out you can boost your creativity. Whether you want that …

How to manage your suppliers like a true professional

Paul Webster Advice, People

Not all suppliers are alike. As simple as this sounds, there’s often an assumption that you need manage supply in the same way across your partners. This is simply bad for business. To make the most of all your suppliers, you need to develop different relationships with each one of them. It might sound complicated, but there’s a simple way …

Thank you note

Valentine’s Day – is there enough love in the workplace?

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As if you needed reminding, Valentine’s Day is coming up this week. I’m sure it’s been virtually impossible to avoid the roses and love hearts that have showered the internet and high streets. Although Valentine’s day has moved away from its original roots the sentiment of celebrating love and romance is not lost. This love is traditionally celebrated between husbands, …

The Curse of First: Why first could really be worst

Paul Webster Advice

Being first is great, right? If you’re first to the market with a brand-new product or innovation, it must be a sure-fire way to get ahead of your competition and gain first mover advantage. Well, not always. Sometimes first can really be worst. The Curse of First is an economic idea that essentially shows that being the first in your …

First Step motivation

Motivation makes Mondays more manageable – Top 4 motivation tips

Tasha Horton Advice, People

We all have a hard time getting motivated for work, especially on Mondays! You’ve just had a great weekend, numerous lie-ins and late nights and you just really don’t want to get up the next morning. So, here are some tips to boost your motivation and tackle those Monday blues.    Turn up the music!  Music massively influences your emotions. Can …

Interested in business? Then these are must-watch films!

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Learning about business isn’t all about textbooks and seminars. Films are a fantastic way to understand more about the business world! Each of these films look at different aspects of business and can provide valuable lessons for any manager. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Remember Enron? It was once one of the world’s largest energy companies, with plans …

Introverts - be who you are

The power of quiet and the missed potential of introverts

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What is an introvert? There is a common misconception surrounding the nature of introversion. Introversion is often confused with being shy or socially awkward when they are different things. Introverts are energised by spending time alone or in quieter scenarios. Hence the popular stereotype “You’re so shy! You should get out more!”. Introverts can have great social lives and love …