Why physical servers are a danger to your business

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It’s easy to think that keeping all your data on a physical server is the safest way to handle it. After all, surely trusting the Cloud is risky? If it’s all in-house then it’s all in control, right? Wrong. In reality, keeping all your data on physical servers is a huge risk for you and your business. Here are 3 …

Scam Emails: Don’t be a Victim!

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Scam Emails impact nearly all of us everyday. As the recent cyber-attack on the NHS has shown, there are dangerous criminals out there who want your personal data for their private gain, and will go to great lengths to obtain it. Scam emails are getting better all the time, so we need to be vigilant and recognise the frauds! Here …

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We all procrastinate. 9 ways to become more productive.

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We all procrastinate I can procrastinate, a lot. This morning, between waking up and doing the work I’d planned, about 100 other things happened. First I decided that I was hungry, so made myself breakfast and watched TV whilst I ate. That show turned into not one, not two but three before I caught myself and turned off the TV. I walked over to …

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You and your employees could be happier!

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The formula for happiness  We all want to be happier, right? What if I told you that there was one simple formula for unlocking the key to happiness. Well, research has found exactly that! Jonathan Haidt and Sonja Lyubomirsky developed a formula for happiness that looks like this:   H=S+C+V  Right now, that doesn’t look like much but let’s break it down. H is the level of happiness you experience which is determined by a combination …

Balancing Your Hardware

Balancing Your Hardware

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One of the most common things I see when someone is looking for a new PC is how they struggle to pick the right hardware combinations; and I don’t blame them. Nowadays, everywhere you look there are a sea of rip-off PCs. They look the part with their sleek exterior and fancy name, but beneath the surface, the cheap components …

Windows 10 - Is it Worth the Upgrade?

Windows 10 – Worth the upgrade?

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Windows 10 was made available on 29th July 2015 and it is widely known that it is a free upgrade to users of Windows 7 and 8. (at least its officially free until 29th July 2016)Over 200 million devices now run Windows 10. So is it a no brainer to upgrade? Is windows 10 right for you? The following information …