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Cloud Success Stories: Firms that Took the Plunge and Never Looked Back

Paul Webster Cybersecurity, Software

Taking the plunge when it comes to the new can be scary. After all, what if it doesn’t work? Or what if it causes more problems than it solves? But taking carefully calculated risks is what business is all about. And taking the plunge with the cloud has given countless businesses the boost they need. If you’re thinking about take the plunge, but are teetering on the edge of uncertainty check out these 3 success stories!

Here are 3 cloud success stories of businesses that took the plunge and never looked back:


For such a large organisation ASOS was considerably slow to catch on to the Cloud. Many big businesses had already taken the leap and were reaping their rewards before ASOS took the plunge in 2016. Why did ASOS finally step out into the great unknown? Greater ability to scale, faster innovation and being able to quickly respond to consumers are all reasons why ASOS took the step up. By using Microsoft Azure, the company can offer personalised recommendations to its customers. It’s a win-win. Customers get to see other items they’d like and ASOS can tailor themselves to meet these needs. ASOS have embraced the cloud and are now reaping the benefits.

Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC)

And it’s not just businesses that can benefit from the cloud! Local authorities and Councils can also get in on the action, saving the taxpayer money in the long run. SMBC had a lot of old tech. they were basically living in the dark ages working out of filing cabinets and putting up with technology that took an age to load. Their systems were complex and simply weren’t fit for purpose anymore.

After the WannaCry cyber attack last year, the council realised it needed to up its game when it came to cybersecurity. Now, with tracking and reporting features from cloud-based service Freshservice, the council can make the efficiency gains it needs to serve local people even better. And with a move to Office 365 and Sharepoint planned, it’s clear that SMBC is committed to the cloud. If they’re going to take the leap a second time there’s clearly some value in the Cloud.


It’s not just British firms that have embraced the cloud. Overseas, businesses are also jumping in! Take Amtrak for example. The company is responsible for transporting thousands of passengers on its trains through America every year – a great service if ever you’re to visit. But the industry is changing. Firms need to respond to customers quicker than ever before, or risk getting left behind, literally. With this in mind, Amtrak have embraced the cloud to enable their workforce to be as connected as their trains.

Through Microsoft Office 365 workers can collaborate more effectively and at a far lower cost than ever before. Employees will soon be able to use any of their devices to connect to their work; making huge gains in productivity, efficiency and most importantly for train drivers flexibility. In the past, keeping the whole business connected was challenging, with drivers, in particular, being whisked all over the country. But with Office 365 the company can keep up with a changing world, moving just as fast as their trains.


These are just three of the countless examples of organisations that have embraced the cloud. More and more are joining their ranks everyday by taking the plunge into this new technology. The Cloud will revolutionise how you work whether your a big, small or one-man band operation. From councils to charities the Cloud has you covered.

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