Charities – Why Work With Us?

We have been working with charitable and not for profit organisations since we started business in 1998. We totally understand your need for a cost-effective, reliable, personable service. We know there may be times when you just need someone to take control and get the right solution for you, liaising with all relevant parties so that your organisation can get on with carrying out your much more important business.

As a mark of respect for the wonderful work you do, we always discount our rates, but much more than this, we actively strive for solutions that offer you an exceptional IT service at the lowest prices possible. To this end, we are proud to be able to offer a full IT infrastructure for your organisation completely free.

Microsoft Office 365 is free to charities so you really shouldn’t miss the opportunity to have all of the following for nothing

  • The ability to share documents with all members of your team, no matter where they work from.
  • Work on the same file as your colleagues, at the same time. If need be and all changes will be automatically synchronised.
  • All of your data is safely backed up in Microsoft’s secure data centres.
  • An inbuilt free spam filter – why suffer this timewaster?

We have been working with charitable and not for profit organisations since we started business in 1997

Can I have the confidence my workforce has flexibility, our data is secure and Office 365 is reliable?

VAST is a registered charity that was established in 1920, providing services and support to Voluntary Organisations, Community Groups, Charities and Social Enterprises in Staffordshire. Their key aim being to improve the quality of life of local residents.

Since 2013, VAST have contributed over £5m to the local economy, £2m of that being in the year 2015 alone. But it doesn’t end there: 275 jobs were secured or created in the sector, 229 volunteers placed and 641 partnerships formed! This clearly shows how VAST excel in their work, investing tens of thousands of hours into achieving their goal. They are confident knowing that Prompt PC is by their side every step of the way to deal with any IT issues that occur.

VAST’s IT Implementation

Prompt PC began working with VAST in 2007 and are still their IT Director to the following day – managing their IT costs and directly supporting VAST’s multiple sites, either remotely or by a visit from one of our field engineers. Prompt PC provide day-to-day support to VAST, ranging from simple advice to our full monitoring of important events. But whatever the task, they can rely on us to deliver our best service until the problem is resolved.

As VAST is a charity, they receive Office 365 for free! This greatly reduces their maintenance and upkeep costs of servers, data storage and physical locations as they simply aren’t needed anymore. Therefore, making their IT systems much more efficient and cost effective to maintain, saving thousands upon thousands every year. Prompt PC are a leading expert in cloud solutions, being 1 of only 40 Gold certified Microsoft associates for small and mid-market cloud solutions in the UK and specialising in Office 365 and therefore recommended that VAST switch to this system. Have switched to Office 365: all of their documents and users files have been transferred to the cloud, where all of the data is securely stored across multiple Microsoft data-centres, accessible from anywhere at any time as long as they have an Internet connection.

This implementation is perfect for VAST as they are a rapidly growing organisation that has many outworkers, which needs to expand on the fly – Office 365 facilitates this, very easily. The ability to add and remove users, permissions, storage space and access documents from anywhere makes it the ideal solution for them.

So, you have absolutely nothing to outlay for a totally future-proof robust IT system that will make sure your charity keeps ahead

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Basically, if you’re paying for your IT system, you shouldn’t be. Contact us today and stop missing out.

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