Getting to grips with some more business jargon

Tasha Horton Advice, People

Business jargon is everywhere these days (so much so that we’ve already written a blog on the subject). Sometimes it can be difficult to wrap your head around what it all means. Well we’ve got you covered. Here are some more examples of business jargon that are taking the corporate world by storm:

Armchair general

An armchair general is someone that considers themselves an expert on something, despite having no real knowledge of that field. Sadly, almost everyone comes across an armchair general at some point. If your new ideas are getting shot down by an armchair general, keep calm. There’s always a reason why someone’s acting in this way.

Wallpaper a meeting

To wallpaper a meeting means to fill it with people who are always going to agree with your standpoint. It’s nice to have support, but when it’s unquestioning that can spell serious problems for your business later down the line! Wallpapering a meeting can have nasty consequences for those that do it.


A guesstimate is a combination of a guess and an estimate. Essentially used to sound stronger than a guess, but less strong than an estimate. Guesstimates involve a mixture of guesswork and calculation.

Bleeding edge

If something is at the bleeding edge, it means that it’s at the very peak of current technological developments. For example, you might install a new computer system that’s at the bleeding edge of the tech world. Be careful though, bleeding edge technology can come with certain risks – especially if it’s unproven.

Jump the shark

If something jumps the shark, it means that whilst it was good for a time it’s now become dragged out and stale. For example, a company’s strategy can jump the shark if it’s blindly followed without taking account of changes in the market.

This is just a small sample of the types of business jargon currently circulating board rooms across the country. Be sure to keep on top of all the changing language of the business world so that you’re kept in the loop!