How tech is changing sport forever

Paul Webster Hardware, Software

The summer is finally here, and that means there’s a whole new season of sport to look forward to! But from the World Cup to Wimbledon, technology is being used in surprising new ways that could change the sporting world forever. So here are 3 examples where the worlds of tech and sport have collided:

VAR in the World Cup

If you’ve bene watching the World Cup, you’ve probably noticed that something called VAR keeps being mentioned. It stands for Video Assisted Refereeing, and it’s a big change from how the sport used to be played. The idea is that VAR helps referees make important decisions during the match on things like penalties, red cards and goals. Whilst not without its controversies, it looks like VAR is set to become the new norm in football.

AI in Wimbledon

It’s not just the World Cup that’s getting some new tech introduced this year. Now, Wimbledon highlights will now be determined by a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. It measures the emotional reaction from the players and the fans to ensure that only the best highlights get shown. This is something that could otherwise take hours of trawling through footage to achieve, saving both time and money.

Experiencing sports in VR

It’s not just the players that are feeling technology change how their sports are played. Tech is also making a fundamental impact on how we at home watch sports. Virtual Reality (VR) could be a real game changer here. Imagine it, simply put on your VR headset and you can watch any sport in the world as though you’re actually there! It’ll be like getting a front row seat to any match you want, and all from the comfort of your own home. Though we still have a little way to go before this tech is completely normalised, once it is, it could change how you watch sports forever!


It used to be thought that tech and sport were two totally different worlds. But now, with the latest improvements in technology, these worlds are colliding like never before. It looks like the marriage of tech and sport is here to stay!

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