How to save money by making the move to green

Tasha Horton Advice

Environmental protection is now one of the biggest issues on the planet. What was once a concern for activists and non-government organisations is now something that every business needs to address. But being more environmentally friendly isn’t just a PR stunt. It can put your business on the path to true sustainability, meaning that you can protect your business for years to come. With that in mind, here are 5 ways your business can start be a green business.

Alternative energy

Alternative energies (things like wind and solar power) are growing more and more popular. Whilst green energy used to only be available to large firms, now smaller businesses can get in on the action. And it’s not just good for the environment. You can also save yourself money in the process, with some solar panel firms offering guaranteed savings on your energy bill!

Recycling old computers

It’s great to recycle cardboard and packaging. But it’s even better to recycle those old computers. In fact, some companies like Dell and HP have recycling programs that will take (or even buy back) your old machines. So not only would just throwing away old computers cause unnecessary waste, it could actually mean you’re throwing money out the window!

Reducing paper

Back in the day, it was understandable that businesses needed to go through a lot of paper. Now, with advancements in cloud computing and electronic devices, there really isn’t an excuse to be wasting loads of paper. Again, reducing paper isn’t just good for the environment. It’s going to save you time and money in the long run!

Making the move to green is something that all businesses can get involved with. Whilst these may seem like baby steps, if enough businesses get involved, it can make a real difference to the environment. And can save you huge amounts of money along the way!