IT support leads to business growth

IT support – so much more than computers, tech and security.

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Running a business takes a lot of hard work, dedication and difficult decision making. Your priorities, primarily business growth, mean that unfortunately, things can sometimes fall by the wayside. One of those things is often IT support. It’s easy to forget about computers, tech and security especially if you’re yet to face a cyber threat.

However, a little-known fact is that IT support can actually be used to forward your primary goal of business growth. Whilst IT support is all about implementing good computer, technology and security solutions these provide a foundation for so much more. A foundation from which you can grow your business.

Good IT support provides the foundation for your business

If you have slow or poor IT system you probably don’t realise just how much time and effort you’ve lost either by worrying over it or waiting for your systems to work. Slow systems could be stealing as much as 40 hours a year, per employee! That’s a staggering amount of time you’ve spent waiting around, worrying or fixing unnecessary problems. That time should have been better spent growing your business. Your IT systems should be holding your business up not holding it back and it’s not until those systems crumble do you realise how integral they are. You need to ensure your foundation is sold before you start building upwards, because if the foundation crumbles then everything falls.

Here are a few ways good IT support can transform the way your business is run.

Say goodbye to security concerns

With so many security threats floating about it can be hard to know if you’re data is safe. It can be stolen from the Cloud, it can be stolen from your server, it could be stolen from an iPad. Anything from a phishing email to malware attack could take you down. The threats are literally endless and if you get hit you’re going to lose a lot more than just data, you’ll lose your reputation and you could even lose your business.

Thankfully there are ways to stay safe. Good IT support can take away the impending doom of a cyber-attack and replace it with peace of mind. By implementing the right security procedures and backups you can ensure your business is safe. If your business is vulnerable to threats then you have a problem because once you’re hit your foundation crumbles and it’s hard to rebuild.

Increase productivity

As we said before slow IT system can dramatically reduce your productivity stealing as much as 40 hours from each employee a year, just think about how much time you’re losing. But, implementing faster systems isn’t the only way to increase productivity. Smart and integrated software or cloud solutions can make a huge difference.

Take Office 365 that has a whole host of business tools and integrated features that will literally transform the way you work. Collaborative working, internal social media, Cloud accessibility, the list could go on but using these tool can make your business more productive, flexible and creative. It will streamline the way you run. If your foundation is smooth everything on top of it can run smoothly too.

Reduce price

IT can be expensive. Sometimes thousands of pounds are wasted on outdated solutions. Many businesses are literally flushing away money by using their own in-house servers, there’s just no need. You could get rid of your server freeing up the money you spent on rent, electricity and maintenance by making the move to the Cloud. Where it’s not only safer but will save you all that money.

Preventative IT will also stop your shelling out. Preventative IT support stops problems before they become a problem. With 24/7/365 monitoring we can stop threats in their track. By preventing these issues you spend less money fixing messes that could have been prevented. With smart IT solutions not only do you get more time to grow your business but more money.

Don’t let IT support fall by the wayside

Don’t be let down by poor IT solutions. IT should be holding your business up and not holding it back. The list of benefits could go on but whilst IT support is at its heart about computers, technology and security when implemented in the right way it’s so much more. If you want to start building a solid foundation for your business get in touch. Just drop us a message or give us a call, we’d be happy to hear from you. We can implement a solution to help you reach where you want to be in 10 years time.