Keeping productive in the summer heat

Tasha Horton Advice

The UK is currently experiencing one of the longest and hottest heatwaves in recent memory. There hasn’t been any real rain for weeks and people have forgotten what jumpers look like. In conditions like these, it’s easy to lose concentration and let your business get away from you. This is especially true when people need to take a much-deserved break. With that in mind, here are 3 ways you can keep productive during the summer:


The summer is inevitably going to be the time when most of your staff are going to want to take their holidays. In a big business, this isn’t much of a big deal since you’d have so many people working for you. But in a small business with only a handful of employees, poorly planned holiday schedules can mean that the whole business grinds to a halt. Get on top of holidays by knowing exactly who’s going away, for how long and for what time. Get the planning right, and everyone can enjoy a great summer, without you being left to do all the work on your own.

Treat your staff

Speaking of holidays, it’s important to give staff little treats during these hot days to keep morale up. Simple things like offering around free ice lollies or ice creams can perk up someone’s day just a little bit. And why not try for something a little more organised? Taking your team out for a BBQ or organising a fun team-building day can be just the sort of break needed to unwind in the heat.

Treat your clients

Remember, it’s not just staff that’ll want to take advantage of beautiful weather. Your clients are also likely to be feeling just as hot and bothered, so why not make the most of the sunshine? Instead of jumping between offices, how about taking them for a nice outdoor lunch or going to the driving range? Take advantage of the weather, and your clients are sure to appreciate you for it!

Getting work done over the summer can be particularly draining. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. By simply planning ahead and treating your staff and your clients you can make the most of the weather. And at the same time, you can put your business on the path towards success!