What’s the benefit of you moving your business to Office 365?

One of the great advantages of running Office 365 is that your business will no longer require a server. Everything that would usually need to be kept on a server will now be stored and securely encrypted in the Cloud meaning you won’t need to waste money on running and maintaining an in-house server.
If unfortunately, your PCs are stolen or damaged in a fire, Office 365 will allow you to restore all of your data in the time it takes to get a replacement PC set up. They can take your PC, but they can’t take the Cloud with them! All of your data, and business, will still be perfectly safe.
Office 365 grants you access to every single one of your documents that are stored on the Cloud, all you require is an internet connection. Don’t worry if you’re missing an internet connection, you can carry on working on any of your documents or emails and as soon as you are reconnected, they will automatically sync and update to the Office 365 servers.
With your subscription to Office 365, you’ll always have the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Office to benefit your company. Once subscribed, Office will always keep up to date; adding new features to each of the applications including: Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. You will even be able to utilise these applications in your web browser via Office Online, alongside the desktop versions.
Most organisations considering the Cloud worry about security. With Office 365, your files are saved in multiple specialised data centres in the UK, where security is a primary concern. An on-premise server is much more vulnerable and often targeted much more by malicious sources, as they know they have a much higher chance at breaching in to your data. However, Office 365 uses high-level encryption. Simply put, their level of encryption makes the Enigma Code look like child’s play. Transferring to Office 365 is like moving your data from a cardboard box with a lock on, to Fort Knox. Small to medium businesses will be receiving better security than they can afford on their own due to this.
Do you and a co-worker need to edit a document at the same time? No longer will you need to send files back and forth via email! Office 365 allows multiple people to simultaneously edit a file in the cloud, cutting the hassle of constantly transferring documents and eliminating the chance of user error.
Your subscription gives you 1Tb of cloud based storage for your documents on the cloud (per person). This is more than enough for you to be able to store a wide variety of documents without having to worry about file sizes.
Prompt PC have been in business since 1998, therefore we know how important it is for non-profit organisations to be cost efficient. We have worked with and supported many charities throughout the years, helping them considerably cut down their IT costs.
For just £7.80 per month (for up to 300 users), your Office 365 subscription can be applied to up to 5 different devices per user. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets and even smartphones! This system allows you to get the most out of your money, as you will be able to take Office 365 wherever you go. Whether it be your business or your home, you’ll always have access to your documents.

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Many clients have the same questions when they start working with us.
Here’s how we helped three of them.

Uniting Ambition

Uniting Ambition is the UK’s leading recruitment brand for high growth, capital invested and privately owned businesses. It provides specialist recruitment and talent management services to businesses at varying stages of growth, from start-up and medium sized enterprises through to global brands. Its customer list includes well-recognised names from Just Eat, LateRooms and Missguided to Selfridges and Bet 365.

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Cleaning & Hygiene Distributors

CHD is a growing supplier of cleaning and hygiene products, as well as being Staffordshire County Council’s nominated distributor for janitorial supplies. CHD’s growth has been accelerated due to their ability to supply competitively priced quality products with a first class customer service, even being able to deliver goods to end users on behalf of contract cleaning companies that purchase from them.

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VAST is a registered charity that was established in 1920, providing services and support to Voluntary Organisations, Community Groups, Charities and Social Enterprises in Staffordshire; their key aim being to improve the quality of life of local residents.

Prompt PC is by their side every step of the way to deal with any IT issues that occur.

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Whatever your charity needs in terms of IT, we are able to provide

Prompt PC are extremely proud to work with and support multiple charities and non-profit organisations and have been doing so since our first days back in 1998.

We also work alongside associations which provide the latest funding opportunities for your charity. As a result of this, you can benefit from a totally free IT infrastructure and implementation. It doesn't matter what size you are: from one user upwards - we cater for all.

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