What makes the Cloud much more secure than what I have already?

Microsoft’s data storage features 256-bit encryption. This means you are protected with some of the highest grade encryption known to man. To put it simply, it’s uncrackable – taking millions of years to even get close. There’s no need to worry when you leave your data in the Cloud, even Microsoft themselves can’t access it without your key.
Microsoft use state-of-the-art Firewalls which have NEVER been cracked. It’s impossible for your data to be tampered with, because it can’t and won’t happen.
With all of your files being stored in the Cloud, your computer has an immediate safeguard and backup in case something was to happen – whether it be a virus or a storage failure, your files will always be accessible.
In case 3 copies of your data in one data centre isn’t enough – Microsoft give you the option to store your data in multiple data centres! If one site ever succumbs to a disaster (which is highly unlikely to begin with!) your data will still be safe in another secure geographical location.
Each storage drive has two sets of inputs. This means if one set is somehow compromised, either from an accidental unplugging or severance, your data will still have a perfect connection on the other side.
Your data will never be affected by power outages as long as it’s in Microsoft’s hands. They utilise in-house generators to provide constant, unwavering power to your data storage in case there is ever a problem.
Uninterruptable power supplies are used for every drive connection. Basically – even if somehow the mains power failed AND the generator failed, your data would still be safe due to these specialised power supplies which essentially act as a battery if they lose their primary power source.
In addition to your data being ludicrously secure, Microsoft’s data sites themselves feature very high levels of security – nobody will be breaking in any time soon.

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Yes. I want secure cloud storage!

Can I have the confidence my workforce has flexibility, our data is secure and Office 365 is reliable?

Many clients have the same questions when they start working with us.
Here’s how we helped one of our clients.


VAST is a registered charity that was established in 1920, providing services and support to Voluntary Organisations, Community Groups, Charities and Social Enterprises in Staffordshire; their key aim being to improve the quality of life of local residents.

Prompt PC is by their side every step of the way to deal with any IT issues that occur.


Do you support Charities with IT?


Whatever your charity needs in terms of IT, we are able to provide.

Prompt PC are extremely proud to work with and support multiple charities and non-profit organisations and have been doing so since our first days back in 1998.

We also work alongside associations which provide the latest funding opportunities for your charity. As a result of this, you can benefit from a totally free IT infrastructure and implementation. It doesn't matter what size you are: from one user upwards - we cater for all.

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