Which source of funding for manufacturing is right for your business?

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Following on from our article about ‘Where to go for small business support’, we also wanted to highlight the funding opportunities available to manufacturing businesses. While running a manufacturing business comes with its own unique challenges, like any business a steady stream of cash is necessary to keep it afloat. As a result, it’s essential to have a tight grip …

Marshmallow test - self-control

Self-control and how to Master it. The Marshmallow Test 

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I’ve recently started reading a fantastic book called “The Marshmallow Test”. Have you seen the TV adverts where Haribo presents young children with a Starmix sweet? If you have you’d know that none of the children can resist eating the sweet even with the promise they can have two if they wait because they’re “just too good”! This book is about the same concept but with Marshmallows. Renowned psychologist Walter Mischel invented …

Active group of people jumping

Get up, get out, and get active

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Technological revolution  In the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed a staggering surge in technological developments. Most of us carry smartphones wherever we go. We own fantastically fast laptops and desktops, which provide accessibility wherever we go. Whilst there is no doubt these are fantastic developments, these developments hold their own risks.    For many of us, our jobs involve sitting all day, every …

Black mirror to reflect

Black Mirror – time for reflection

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I’m sure many of us are aware, even if you haven’t watched it, of the TV show Black Mirror. If you’re like me and have watched all the new episodes you’ve just been thrown back into the dark and bazaar science fiction world. Black Mirror looks at a modern society and the consequences of new technology. However, what is less well known …

live your best life sign

The Slight Edge. The simple life-changing philosophy

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What is the Slight Edge   The slight edge principle is about being successful – at work, at home and at life in general. The slight edge principle so easy that you already possess all the skills needed to implement it in your life. It is one of the easiest tasks you will ever embark on, however, it is also easy not to do. The slight edge is all …