I’m “only” from Staffordshire – the cybersecurity delusion

Tasha Horton Cybersecurity

As IT security specialists in Staffordshire when we broach the subject of cybersecurity we very often hear the same excuse. “Oh, but we’re only from Staffordshire, we’re not in danger.” Does that sound anything like you? Unfortunately, that’s a wide-reaching and damaging delusion. We have a tendency to feel that other, bigger, farther away businesses in say London will be …

Why physical servers are a danger to your business

Paul Webster Hardware

It’s easy to think that keeping all your data on a physical server is the safest way to handle it. After all, surely trusting the Cloud is risky? If it’s all in-house then it’s all in control, right? Wrong. In reality, keeping all your data on physical servers is a huge risk for you and your business. Here are 3 …