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To work hard, you have to play hard!

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We’re all familiar with the phrase “work hard, play hard” its become a bit of a cliché, a joke, something you’d say casually, but not something we ever actually put a lot of serious thought to. But behind that one silly phrase sits a lot of truth. Our new workplace culture The instantaneous and all-encompassing nature of our workplace has …

Stress caused by technology

Stress: are we coping in the workplace?

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This week is mental health awareness week (14th-20th May) and it’s time to start looking at the big questions. The statistics around mental health have become impossible to ignore. 1 in 6.8 people suffering from a mental health problem in the workplace and 1 in 6 people worldwide. Mental health conditions are estimated to account for 12.7% of sick days. In …

mental health

Look after your mental health not just your business

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Last week on the 10th of October was world mental health day. The objective was to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world to mobilise efforts to support them. 1 in four people are diagnosed with a mental health issue.    Mental health in the workplace  As adults, we spend a large proportion of our lives at work. It’s no …