Business man playing hard avoiding work

To work hard, you have to play hard!

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We’re all familiar with the phrase “work hard, play hard” its become a bit of a cliché, a joke, something you’d say casually, but not something we ever actually put a lot of serious thought to. But behind that one silly phrase sits a lot of truth. Our new workplace culture The instantaneous and all-encompassing nature of our workplace has …

Marshmallow test - self-control

Self-control and how to Master it. The Marshmallow Test 

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I’ve recently started reading a fantastic book called “The Marshmallow Test”. Have you seen the TV adverts where Haribo presents young children with a Starmix sweet? If you have you’d know that none of the children can resist eating the sweet even with the promise they can have two if they wait because they’re “just too good”! This book is about the same concept but with Marshmallows. Renowned psychologist Walter Mischel invented …

Be More like a plant, keep growing

Be more. Don’t sit in a rut.

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One of my universities favourite phrases is “Be More”. They have a series of events at the end of the year that all start with Be More. Be More inspired, Be More professional and even Be More duck – don’t even ask what that is. But the point of this “Be More” mantra is that you don’t ever have to settle …

growth vs. fixed mindset

Fixed vs. growth mindset. Finding your potential

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 What is fixed vs. growth mindset?  Your mind is a powerful tool. Your beliefs can help or hinder you reaching your full potential. Carol Dweck suggests that your potential is determined by one of two mindsets you hold: fixed or growth.    A fixed mindset believes that everything about ourselves, our personality, character, creativity and intelligence are fixed and cannot be changed in any meaningful way. Success is seen to come about …