Man dressed in lots of different career outfits

Why all the fuss about careers is misleading

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The concept of a career has plagued generations for centuries. We all seem to have this obsession with finding the perfect “career”. It has to be something we love, it has to have progression opportunities, it has to be long term. With all this criteria it’s easy to see how people could become overwhelmed particularly in this limited job market. …

World cup pitch

What can we learn from the success of the England World Cup team?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard about the England football teams success at the World Cup. Although they sadly didn’t bring football home they made a heroic effort, not only winning a penalty shootout but against all odds giving England fans hope and pride in their home team again. So after years of pretty dismal football …

Business man playing hard avoiding work

To work hard, you have to play hard!

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We’re all familiar with the phrase “work hard, play hard” its become a bit of a cliché, a joke, something you’d say casually, but not something we ever actually put a lot of serious thought to. But behind that one silly phrase sits a lot of truth. Our new workplace culture The instantaneous and all-encompassing nature of our workplace has …

public speaking in hall

Fake it till you make it. Public speaking

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Public speaking can be an anxiety-inducing or never-wracking experience for anyone, experienced or not. Public speaking can make the best of us fall apart myself included. I don’t know about you but being asked to speak in front of people fills my stomach with butterflies and brings on the inevitable dread that makes my brain start to whir. It’s when …

Perseverance - A winner is a dreamer who never gives up

Perseverance is your key to success.

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Perseverance, resilience, determination, tenacity, whatever you call it perseverance is something we’re all familiar with. Just these last few weeks I’ve had to employ perseverance more than I’d have liked. If you’ve ever gone through the process of trying to rent a house you’ll know what I’m talking about. The endless emails, phone calls, visits, paperwork, checks and balances, it …

Marshmallow test - self-control

Self-control and how to Master it. The Marshmallow Test 

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I’ve recently started reading a fantastic book called “The Marshmallow Test”. Have you seen the TV adverts where Haribo presents young children with a Starmix sweet? If you have you’d know that none of the children can resist eating the sweet even with the promise they can have two if they wait because they’re “just too good”! This book is about the same concept but with Marshmallows. Renowned psychologist Walter Mischel invented …

International Women's Days - women in business

International women’s day. Women in business.

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Today is International Women’s Day. People all around the world come together to celebrate incredible women, strong and inspirational women can be found in every era of history. So, we’re going to celebrate some of the inspirational and pioneering women in business!   Katharine Graham   The first women CEO of a Fortune 500 company. CEO of the Washington Post company in …

3 Times that Marketing Got it Right

Paul Webster Advice

Marketing is the voice of your business. Done right, it can create a real bond between you and your customers and can truly set you apart from your competition. Below are 3 examples of great marketing that really stood out from the crowd: KFC’s apology In February 2018 KFC got into a bit of bother when they couldn’t supply chicken …

First Step motivation

Motivation makes Mondays more manageable – Top 4 motivation tips

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We all have a hard time getting motivated for work, especially on Mondays! You’ve just had a great weekend, numerous lie-ins and late nights and you just really don’t want to get up the next morning. So, here are some tips to boost your motivation and tackle those Monday blues.    Turn up the music!  Music massively influences your emotions. Can …

Black mirror to reflect

Black Mirror – time for reflection

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I’m sure many of us are aware, even if you haven’t watched it, of the TV show Black Mirror. If you’re like me and have watched all the new episodes you’ve just been thrown back into the dark and bazaar science fiction world. Black Mirror looks at a modern society and the consequences of new technology. However, what is less well known …

People in shape of and arrow

Take it back to basics. Take it back to people.  

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In business, I think we sometimes forget that our product, industry, business or service is all about people. We get so caught up in facts, figures and money that we lose sights of what we’re really there for. Whether you’re business to business, business to consumer or business to government, selling a product or service your business is all about people.   They …

Have a reason words have power

Always have a reason BECAUSE I said so. 

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What’s the magic word? Robert Cialdini author of Psychology of Persuasion suggests that all it takes to become more persuasive is one word. By using this one word, you can implement it in all areas of your life where you need to be persuasive: marking, self-esteem, management, parenting. My parents have often tried this out on my younger brother and, even to …

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The Slight Edge. The simple life-changing philosophy

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What is the Slight Edge   The slight edge principle is about being successful – at work, at home and at life in general. The slight edge principle so easy that you already possess all the skills needed to implement it in your life. It is one of the easiest tasks you will ever embark on, however, it is also easy not to do. The slight edge is all …

time + ideas = business

Build your business in 90 minutes a day

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What are your daily 90 minutes?   90 minutes a day is all you need to build your business. Nigel Botterill and Martin Gladdish proposed the idea of setting aside 90 minutes a day, every day to building your business. Their book “Build your Business in 90 Minutes a Day” explores real-life success stories of individuals who dedicated 90 minutes a day to build their business.   Your 90 minutes …