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Technology to revolutionise your small business

Tasha Horton Hardware, Software

The changes in technology over the last 20 years have been astounding. We’ve made the leap from brick phones to smartphones, in-house servers to Cloud, remote control to voice control. The leaps have been astronomical if you haven’t already seen technology revolutionising your business you will. Small businesses, in particular, are slow to catch onto the new technological trends, but …

Business man playing hard avoiding work

To work hard, you have to play hard!

Tasha Horton Advice

We’re all familiar with the phrase “work hard, play hard” its become a bit of a cliché, a joke, something you’d say casually, but not something we ever actually put a lot of serious thought to. But behind that one silly phrase sits a lot of truth. Our new workplace culture The instantaneous and all-encompassing nature of our workplace has …

Stress caused by technology

Stress: are we coping in the workplace?

Tasha Horton People

This week is mental health awareness week (14th-20th May) and it’s time to start looking at the big questions. The statistics around mental health have become impossible to ignore. 1 in 6.8 people suffering from a mental health problem in the workplace and 1 in 6 people worldwide. Mental health conditions are estimated to account for 12.7% of sick days. In …

I'm ok - you're ok. Healthy relationship

Act your age, not your shoe size. Maintaining happy working relationships.

Tasha Horton Advice, People

Work relationships can be challenging. Even in this day and age, the most common cause of employee turnover is other people. Unproductive, difficult and failing relationships plague workplaces across the country, we all get annoyed with co-workers, colleagues or managers. So how do you resist the urge to tell someone to act their age and not their shoe size? And …

Thank you note

Valentine’s Day – is there enough love in the workplace?

Tasha Horton People

As if you needed reminding, Valentine’s Day is coming up this week. I’m sure it’s been virtually impossible to avoid the roses and love hearts that have showered the internet and high streets. Although Valentine’s day has moved away from its original roots the sentiment of celebrating love and romance is not lost. This love is traditionally celebrated between husbands, …

Introverts - be who you are

The power of quiet and the missed potential of introverts

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What is an introvert? There is a common misconception surrounding the nature of introversion. Introversion is often confused with being shy or socially awkward when they are different things. Introverts are energised by spending time alone or in quieter scenarios. Hence the popular stereotype “You’re so shy! You should get out more!”. Introverts can have great social lives and love …