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Having been in business for 20 years, it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about. At Prompt PC, we’ve dealt with our fair share of issues throughout our time in business, so if you need some advice – just give if us a call.

Our Managing Director, Andrew, also offers consultancy for your business IT, discussing topics such as how your IT can be improved to promote business growth, or coming up with an alternate solution to save money and work more efficiently. He’s even an IT mentor for the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, so you can be sure that the advice we provide is the best you can get.

Obviously, we’re not experienced with every problem – but if you have something you want us to take a look at, we’ve got the experience to get to the bottom of an issue rapidly. We even have a dedicated project engineer who spends his working life developing bespoke solutions for your business.

So, don’t hesitate to tell us if you have a problem, even if it’s not listed on our site.

Give us a call or drop us a message!

But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers think about us:

IT Support

“Prompt PC have really helped me with the business – I don’t have to worry about IT issues anymore, most of them have just gone away, leaving me to get on with my job. If I do have an issue it is just a quick call to the friendly Prompt PC team and it gets sorted. Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!

Prompt PC and Office 365 – what can I say, but absolutely delighted with both.

Everything went really smoothly and it just works like Andrew said it would. If we ever have a question, the Prompt PC team are always quick to respond with the very best solution – nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you for bringing an end to our IT headaches! Two years since the changeover and still smiling.”

Steve Hall – Cleaning & Hygiene Distributors Ltd

“Prompt PC have always been there for us and have consistently driven down the cost of our IT support.

We have told them what we want to achieve, and they have given us cost effective, practical solutions, as well as explaining everything in plain English.

Prompt PC are part of our team and they always look out for our best interests. Uniting Ambition wouldn’t work with anyone else for their IT support as Prompt PC have always been totally trustworthy and reliable.”

David Axon – Uniting Ambition

“Prompt PC have been a part of our team since 2001 and since they started working with us we have been extremely happy.

Several servers later and many PCs as well, we seem to see less and less of the Prompt PC team each year as everything just works!

Andrew has always given us excellent advice and kept a very sharp eye on our IT costs, allowing me to concentrate on my job, rather than dealing with computer problems.”

Jeremy Mellor – Wood Goldstraw & Yorath

“I have been a customer of Prompt PC’s since I started my business and I must say I would highly recommend their IT support packages to any small business owner.

Having come from a corporate background, where IT specialists were only at the end of a phone, I needed someone who could provide me with the same support to keep my business going.

The Prompt PC business package offers just that. If I’m having any kind of technical problems, they are on hand to talk me and resolve the issue within an impressive time. Having this support means I have total peace of mind that I can deliver my client’s needs without wasting my valuable time resolving IT problems that I have little experience with.

The team there are first class, they take the time to understand and don’t talk in technical jargon. They are a business who I trust and would refer to for any IT solutions advice, knowing that they understand my business and have my best interests at heart.”

Kaye Massey – Massey Business Consultancy

“Recently purchased Office 365 and subscribed to Prompt PC’s business support package.

Kicked in one of our computers this morning and to my horror Windows in safe mode only – error message in outlook, sugar!!!!

Rang Prompt PC and spoke with Toni and she immediately took control of my computer whilst I made a brew – Toni rang back after approx. 40 mins with the computer sorted and handed control back over to me.

Prompt PC – so glad we took up your support package!! Ask me anything about nail guns or football but I’ll leave the computers to you.

First Class service and very highly recommended.”

Stephen Pollock – Stapling and Nailing Supplies Ltd

“This is a testimonial for Andrew Eardley and his very capable team at Prompt PC.

A year ago I replaced all my clinic IT equipment, and took out a business support package with Prompt PC.

This was one the best business decisions I have made as any problems are rectified quickly by Andrew and his team. It also means that I can leave my staff to deal directly with Prompt PC and release my time to concentrate on what is needed in my business.

The business support package is excellent value, and I would recommend Prompt PC to anyone needing anything to do with IT.”

Carys Roberts – Swan Physio

“Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for helping us out the other day when one of my computers crashed. The service you and your company provided saved the day as we had no idea what we are doing with regards to computers.

Having discussed my company’s IT requirements with you, I am looking forward to you setting up a backup system and generally assisting with PC’s.

I would be pleased to recommend your business to others.

Best regards and many thanks.”

Richard Dalton – Richard Dalton Garage

“Good morning Glenn,

Thank you, thank you! The PC is even giving Usain Bolt a run for his money now. Like you say, Outlook was up and going in fewer than 30 secs and everything else is running so much faster too.

Thank you for all your assistance, and hope you don’t mind if I do give you a shout if I spot something missing that I need. For now, have a wonderful day.

Kindest regards,

Caroline Parkes – Scion International

“Glenn was outstanding, thank you. In a very short space of time, I now have confidence in using the system, I am working my way through files and locating stuff I thought was long gone. I haven’t felt in such a good place in a long time. Totally outstanding service.

Thank you so very much!”

Judith Cashmore-James – Touchstone

Office 365

“Andrew and the Prompt PC team first started working with us 2007, when we had a poorly server and lots of unhappy computer users. The Prompt PC team soon got that sorted and we have never looked back. Our business needs changed and Andrew made the recommendations and changes that enabled us to not only save an enormous amount of money, but also allowed us to work from anywhere. We totally trust Prompt PC to keep our business running smoothly.

Office 365 has really moved our business to the next stage. We can work from anywhere and it’s just like being in the office. It’s easy to use and has saved us considerably as we no longer need a power-hungry server with all the added maintenance costs.”

Jill Slater – Anthony Short and Partners Architects

“Prompt PC have been looking after our IT systems here since we opened Blurton Community Hub in 2011. Andrew has recommended lots of solutions for the charity that have saved us £1000’s. The Prompt PC team are always happy to quickly sort out issues we might have, but it is rare that we have to call them as the systems they have put in here just work.

I am so impressed with the Office 365 package that Prompt PC set up for us. Our IT problems have just gone away. The savings we have been able to make are exactly as described. I would recommend this solution to any business owner and it’s an absolute must for non-profit organisations as Microsoft provide it for free! You can’t get better than that.”

Craig Farnsworth – Blurton Community Hub

“We have been working with Prompt PC since 1999 and they have provided all our hardware, software support and advice.

Until a couple of years ago, Andrew and his team were always at one of our offices and I had a big, noisy server in my office to keep me company. Then, Andrew moved us to Office 365 and we spend a fraction of the amount we used to spend in support, and it really has been a massive success!

Office 365 really is good news for us and it performs just as Andrew said it would… and has proven to be one of the best moves we have made for our IT System – thanks to Prompt PC.”

Clive Austerberry – Austerberry Estate Agents

“Prompt PC has been our IT support team since 2003 and we have complete trust in them to sort out any issues that I don’t have the time for or can’t fix myself! Several years ago Andrew recommended we completely remove our server and we have never looked back since moving to Office 365. I can now work anywhere and get full access to everything I want. Prompt PC are brilliant!

Office 365 has definitely been the right solution for our business. The transition from server to this way of working was easy and painless, as it’s totally familiar. It’s great to know that we are not wasting money on running and maintaining a server and that we’ll never need to budget for this high-cost equipment again. Now we just get on with running our business with a smart, efficient IT system that just keeps saving us money.”

Steve Gutteridge – Bob Gutteridge Estate Agents



“Here at Currie Young, we’ve been running two Azure virtual machines and regular backups… and I can say nothing other than that they’re great! We spend very little in comparison to what we’d have to spend otherwise on actual computers and all those backups. It allows us to easily restore full virtual machines with very little effort really quickly, it basically just works.

Prompt PC’s service is very smooth and just happens in the background, leaving nothing for us to worry about. Definitely would recommend to anyone who is on the fence about it.”

Steve Currie – Currie Young

“Taking up Prompt PC’s Azure package has made things much less stressful in the office. With the ability to choose when we want our virtual machines to run, it grants us some much needed freedom with our IT. Even our backups are less hassle now! Azure has really streamlined our work process and it’s hard to imagine being without it.

Thank you so much for implementing this, brilliant value for money and a real time saver.”

David Thrussell – Stretton Property



“Prompt PC have set up some fantastic backups for us using Azure! All our important SAGE data is safely backed up every day, without us even having to do anything. We don’t have to worry about potentially losing this data, since it’s stored securely in the Cloud now. If ever we have a problem, we can just pull the data back off the Cloud and voila, back to normal.

Easily one of the best changes we’ve made to our IT solution, very reliable and does exactly what we need it to for such a small price. Thanks very much.”

Ganeshan Mahadea – General and Medical Accounting

“Ever since we’ve switched over to Azure, our backups have been a dream. None of this nonsense messing around with drives, it just uploads on a schedule every day all by itself! We use it to backup critical data such as our SAGE, and would be lost without it. Thankfully, if anything ever does happen, we can just download it again from our online backup!!

It is lovely how we only pay for the storage we actually use. Perfect for us as we only need a small amount – very cheap! Very thankful to Prompt PC for setting this up for us.”

Karen Watson – Midshire Catering


Being ranked Microsoft Gold Partners for Cloud / Office 365 (one of only a handful in the UK!) means our experience with Cloud solutions and Office 365 is very expansive. You’ll get the very best from us as we know the ins and outs of 365. Impressive, don’t you think?